It was in September of 1980 that our elders in Ifa began to impart our lineage to us, In keeping
with the tradition of our Ifa forebears, these sacred names were given to us over disciplined
periods of time, always in certain consecrated places and always “mouth –to –ear” (orally).
Those Oluwos(Keepers of the Mysteries of Ifa) were:
    •        Olufela Sowande
                                        •        Fagbeni  Ajanaku
                                        •        Fabenro Beyioku
                                        •        Olufumiwa Awopeju
                                        •        Adesanya Awoyade
                                        •        Alasela Awoyade
                                        •        Babalola
Some of these Masters of Ifa lived during the Sixteenth Century. Their living spirit soars ahead of
us each and every day. Guiding lights of Orunmila they are.
    •        Ategiri
    •        Kurekure
    •        Erimi
    •        Erigi
    •        Pepe
    •        Elewuru
    •        Wolo (Araba Dahomi)
    •        Gedegbe (Araba Aiye)
    •        Awuerla
    •        Ashegba
    •        Ajitare
    •        Qshopewuta
    •        Kerekere
    •        Atakumosa
    •        Owumoka
    •        E-kango
    •        Beremoka
    •        Agiri
    •        Ogbere
    •        Agbako
    •        Tedimole
    •        Oroki
    •        Agangan
    •        Oshiga (Kiniun Orunmila)
    •        Awotunde Ajanaku
    •        Dosumu
    •        Agbara
    •        Jimoke
    •        Onadele Epega

A gathering of our sacred lineage would not be complete without special mention of our elders
who on sept 14th 1959 ,founded and incorporated ARSADA(The Ancient Society  of African
Descendants Association). They are and everlasting gift to all mankind. We shall continue their
Way, their Spirit, and their Vision. They are:
    •        Chief Adeshina Awotunde Ajanaku (The Araba of Lagos [Eko])
    •        Egunjobi Fabemi Ajanaku (Agbongbon)
    •        Oluwo Fabiyi Fasoro
    •        Chief Olaifa Ogundare Awise (The Apena of Lagos [Eko])
    •        Chief Oluwo Adedoyin (The Ake of Abeokuta)
    •        Oluwo Ajayi Akerele
    •        Oluwo Aghigba Alabi George
    •        Chief Dosumu Oletubo (The Alase Liwe of Ikorodu)
    •        Chief Omakoya (The Alase Onire of Ikorodu)
    •        Chief Onamo Kalejaiye (The Olumole Eluke of Ikorodu)
    •        Chief Adebayo Adegbodu (The Oluwo of Iperu)
    •        Keyinde Alapani (The Alapani of Ode Remo)
    •        Ejire Taiwo Longe
    •        Oluwo Joga Oke
    •        Akoda Abimbola Savage
    •        Daramola (Olori Awo Okitiparapo)
    •        Chief Ere Alase
    •        Akinsanya Ishola Jaganna
    •        Awolumate Aseda
    •        Agboola Fashina
    •        Alabi Anipupo
    •        Alagba
    •        Sholakunmi Ajanaku
“To promote the spirit of fellowship and unity among the indigenous religionists, to protect the
interests of such indigenous bodies and to propagate the acts of congregation & worship in the
Ancient African System”-from ARSADA ****         ****         ****         ****