We will be using this area to highlight some of the healing and counseling services available
Ako Ka Orunmila in. In the mean time Our weekly worship service has been going
strong for thee years and is open to all who wish to attend.
Contact us for location and

Web services

Laminated Children’s pamphlets     $7  + postage

Sunday Programs  CD                        $8   + postage
Quarterly study group                                   $200

Five-day workshop in Oakland, CA           $400

For those interested in deeper study of the mysteries we will be posting some of the essential
material in our members study section. This material is not to be taken lightly. To become a
member  you must have a phone  interview or attend service if  you live locally, and pay the
membership fee after which time you will receive a login id and password to the member site.

Irosu Eguntan:
He who wants goodness, gives.
He is favored of fair and clean dealings.

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